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Memory Foam vs. Pillow Top Mattresses 

98 Flooring and Mattress

Have you ever woken up in the morning in utter agony thinking you must have slept wrong? Does it feel like your lower back has been jumped on, or your upper back is so tensed up you can barely breathe? Many people will chalk it up to sleeping wrong when they may not have a mattress that perfectly suits their body, or it is time for a new mattress altogether. You do not have to wake up feeling rigid and stiff if you have the proper mattress. For some, the right mattress is a memory foam. For others, it is a pillow top. Here are some of the differences between the two mattresses. Hopefully, this guide can help you decide which mattress is the right fit for you. 

Memory Foam Mattresses 

Memory foam mattresses conform to your body. Conforming to your body leads to an even distribution of weight on the mattress, which gives pressure point relief. The memory foam is temperature and pressure-sensitive, which is how it softens in response to your body heat. Then your body heat leads to the memory foam’s contouring abilities. You can now get a memory foam mattress in gel or plant-based form. These forms enhance the coolness of the mattress.  

Memory Foam Benefits 

  • Durability 
  • Provides pain relief for people that suffer with back and joint pain 
  • The body contouring feature provides pressure relief 
  • Memory foam comfort when you sleep due to body contouring 

Pillow Top Mattresses 

Pillow top mattresses have an added layer of padding sewn on top of the mattress to amplify the mattress’s plushness. The layer sewn on top of the mattress has materials like cotton, wool, memory foam, fiberfill, and latex foam. Since these materials promote plushness, they diminish the firmness and bounce of the coil layer, which is the innerspring support lay in the mattress. 

Pillow Top Benefits 

  • Less chance of off-gassing 
  • It costs less than most mattresses  
  • The coil layer promotes airflow, which makes the mattress more breathable 
  • Pillow top comfort when you sleep due to softness and plushness 

The Main Difference Between Memory Foam and Pillow Top Mattresses 

Even though a pillow top mattress may contain memory foam, giving the beds a similar feel, the difference in the added layer of a pillow top makes it stand out. The pillow top will have a bounciness due to the innerspring coils, while memory foam mattresses have a motion restricting foam. 

So, which do you prefer, a mattress that will cradle you or a plush and soft mattress? Visit 98 Flooring and Mattress and try out the variety of mattresses available for yourself. Our address is 9501 US-98 Miramar Beach. We have an assortment of mattresses featuring top brands. Our mattress experts would be delighted to help you choose the perfect mattress fit for you.  

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