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Tips & Tricks for Breaking In a New Mattress

Have you finally upgraded to a new mattress? If so, congratulations! Having a new mattress has many health benefits. Some people sleep blissfully on their new mattress the first night, while others toss and turn. Do not worry if you aren’t yet experiencing the restful sleep you anticipated during your first week or so sleeping on the new mattress. You may worry you bought the wrong mattress because it feels too firm, yet many people do not realize that a mattress needs time before you receive its full benefits. Some people actually need to “break in” their new mattress.  

Just like a new pair of shoes, a new mattress needs to adjust to your body. Your body may not be adequately aligned from sleeping on an old and possibly worn-out mattress. Once you learn how to break in a brand-new bed, you can expect to sleep much better. Here are a few tips to accelerate the process of breaking in your new mattress: 

Add Pressure to the Mattress 

Adding pressure to the mattress will help it feel less firm. You can add pressure in many ways, not just by sleeping on it. It may seem silly, but this can be the one time the kids can jump on the bed. Or you can bounce on it, walk on it, or put heavy items on it. Do you have any old textbooks or even full storage containers? You can place them on the bed, or maybe a mountain of laundry has piled up? Feel free to fold the laundry while sitting on the bed. The main goal is to add pressure and weight to the mattress however possible. 

Keep Your Bedroom Warm 

Most mattresses produced today have memory foam for the upper comfort layer, even innerspring or hybrid mattresses. Some mattresses are all memory foam. The memory foam is sensitive to heat and will soften when it is warmed. Keeping your bedroom a bit warmer just for a few days could speed up the process of breaking in the mattress, so when you lie on it, you feel cradled by the mattress. 

Consistently Sleep Only on the New Mattress 

Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, it is essential that you consistently sleep on the mattress. Don’t fall asleep on the couch or sneak to the guest room where the mattress is already broken in. It would be best if you did the due diligence of sleeping on it each night so the stiffness of the mattress dissipates. Once your mattress has become accustomed to your body weight and your body has become used to the bed, you will find you are on your way to a good night’s rest.  

Once you have broken in your mattress, be sure you have a good support base and mattress protector to increase the lifespan of your new mattress. If you have tried these tips and after 90 days you do not see results, then it is possible you could have bought the wrong mattress and need to check on your warranty plan.  

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