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Get Trendy and Update the Look of your Kitchen with Back Splash Tile

98 Flooring and Mattress

When you think of the store 98 Flooring and Mattress, you automatically think of flooring, of course it is in the name. Yet, we sell so much more than flooring and one of our top sellers is back splash tile. One of the quickest and easiest ways to spruce up a kitchen is by adding or changing up a back splash with a tile installation. 

Back Splash Designs Sold at 98 Flooring 

Backsplash tile is a kitchen or bathroom tile that at one time was overlooked or treated as an afterthought in the past. Historically, kitchen backsplash tile has been used to keep kitchen walls clean and dry while protecting walls from splashes and splatters that could cause stains. These days, those plain, functional, 4”x4” tiles of the past have been replaced by an endless variety of backsplash tile decor, some nearing works of art, they are now seen as beautiful as they are functional. In fact, many prospective home buyers are looking for a stylish backsplash tile as a must-have feature rather than a nice-to-have feature in the kitchen. There are many styles to choose from for both kitchens and bathrooms. Many colors and shapes are now available.  

There is a lot to consider when designing the kitchen space if you are building a home from the ground up: including choosing a layout for appliances, cabinets, sinks and then color scheme. One of the final, but also the most fun parts, of designing the kitchen is installing a backsplash. 

Even if you are not building a house but redecorating, changing the back splash is a perfect and inexpensive way to update the kitchen or bathroom shower. Backsplash tile can span the entire wall, but the backsplash is the space between the cabinetry and the counter tops or behind the sink or oven. In bathrooms it sometimes appears on the shower walls, or even on the floor.  

Backsplash tile can add texture and the color can open the space, so it is best to choose wisely when you decide on a backsplash tile. Let us imagine your dream is a rustic kitchen. You could choose a backsplash with rustic accents. Or you are looking to modernize the kitchen, then you could opt for a sleek style backsplash like the retro subway tile. Simple, popular, and elegant. 

There is an endless array of backsplash materials on the market from which to choose. There is also a variety of materials you could use including natural stone, glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, stainless steel, copper, mosaic, and more. Many people are opting to pit up mosaics as their backsplash since they are colorful, texturized, and timeless.  

When your backsplash tile, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and color scheme all work together you will see you have created a harmonious design in your kitchen or bathroom. Get creative, the only limit you have is your imagination. Yet, if you ever feel you are having trouble developing a cohesive design, we are just a phone call away. Come in and see us and we can help you design your dream kitchen or bath. We have 2 locations to serve you best. One store in Miramar Beach on US 98 or in Panama City Beach on Panama City Beach Parkway. 

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