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Why is Luxury Vinyl Flooring So Popular?

Have you noticed the trend in many of the new homes being built these days? Luxury Vinyl Flooring and Planking are quickly becoming the builder’s choice for new home builds. Not only is the flooring gorgeous, it has other perks including: 

Affordable-Hardwood flooring is a fantastic choice but let’s face it, it’s expensive. Fortunately, you can receive the same luxurious feel and look from hardwood floors when you choose vinyl or luxury plank flooring. At 98 flooring, we offer an assortment of vinyl tiles that give the same look and feel of hardwood floors. 

Durability– These days, manufacturers have designed stronger, more durable models. The flooring is made with five layers of tile that are then fused and heated. There is a print firm layer in the finishing touches that has a protective layer and coating. This is also helpful for preventing scuffs, dents, stains, or chips to the flooring. 

Waterproof-It’s the future! For many years contractors had only one choice for waterproof tiles, but now thanks to new technology, there are a variety of waterproof options available at 98 Flooring. These tiles are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, or laundry rooms. 

Acoustics-Who would have thought that you could purchase flooring based on acoustics? Yet luxury Vinyl Flooring has been explicitly designed with sound quality in mind. This makes sneaking to get a midnight snack, that much easier. 

Easy to Maintain- Since Luxury Vinyl flooring has a protective layer covering each strip, it’s virtually hassle-free when it comes to mopping. I’m not saying if something spills, it magically disappears, but you no longer have the stain penetrating worries you did with carpet or the need to polish and wax like you once had with hardwood floors. 

Comfort- Sure, a nice soft rug or carpet might feel nice on bare feet, but luxury vinyl flooring feels warm to the touch also during cold months and cools your feet during warm months. 

Aesthetically Appealing– one of the most incredible things about luxury vinyl flooring is the opportunity to be creative when choosing your flooring. You can opt for several different styles, from tiles to planks. The changes to the flooring industry by adding luxury vinyl flooring and planks have done wonders for interior design since there are now unlimited options available to choose from at 98 Flooring. 

Come in and see for yourself all the different flooring trends on display at 98 Flooring. You might find yourself with a sudden urge to start a remodel on your floors once you step into 98 Flooring. 

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