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How a Quality Mattress is Good for Your Health 

98 Flooring and Mattress

During times like these, when inflation is high, treating ourselves to a new mattress might feel like an unnecessary expense. In reality, a good mattress is essential for your health and worth every penny. Also, many people do not realize they can get a fantastic mattress at a reasonable price, especially when you shop at 98 Flooring and Mattress Outlet. At 98 Flooring and Mattress Outlet, they have mattresses at 75% off retail prices. They can pass on the savings to you because they get overstock mattresses, discontinued models, slightly imperfect floor models, and closeouts. Please keep in mind that there is no shame in shopping at a discount store for a mattress. In fact, in this economy, it is the wisest choice, especially considering the health benefits. 

What Happens When You Do Not Experience Restful Sleep? 

Sleep impacts nearly every aspect of your overall well-being and health. Without restful sleep, your body will not function properly. During sleep, your body works hard to repair tissue damage, remove toxins, and build new mental pathways. When you are sleep deprived, your brain functions slower, making it harder to process information efficiently. 

Studies have concluded that poor sleep contributes to concentration and memory problems, a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, obesity, and even cardiovascular disease. If your mattress is not supportive, you could also suffer aches and pains in various joints.  

A quality mattress is the best way to improve overall health and promote restful sleep. 

Signs of a Bad Mattress 

Here are a few signs that it is time to replace your mattress. Some of these signs may not be obvious, yet if you are experiencing any of the following negative symptoms, it could be related to your mattress.  

  • Your mattress is sagging. 
  • You are tossing and turning all night. 
  • You wake up with aches and pain. 
  • You find yourself sweating and excessively hot while trying to sleep. 
  • You notice allergies are worse. 
  • You have dust mites. 
  • Your mattress is old. 
  • You are more refreshed after sleeping on a different bed. 

Affordable Mattresses Near Me 

Visit us at 98 Flooring and Mattress Outlet to see our massive stock of name-brand mattresses. We carry brands like Saavta, Sealy, Capital Bedding, Stearns and Foster, and more. In addition, we have a variety of comfort levels such as firm, cushion firm, plush and luxury plush, to name a few. Whether you are looking for a memory foam bed, a hybrid, or a traditional spring, we have the mattress for you. You can find us in our two convenient locations of Miramar Beach at 9501 Emerald Coast Pkwy or Panama City Beach at 19605 Panama City Beach Pkwy. 

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